The need for blockchain data propagation

The need for blockchain data propagation

✨ How blockchains propagate data

For example, say you want to send 1 bitcoin to someone. The Bitcoin network does not require you to transmit your transaction data to the entire network, as this would be time consuming and inefficient. Instead, valid and non-conflicting transactions are sent to the nearest miners (nodes), who also spread this data to their closest neighbors using a “gossip” protocol. In the same way you might act if you were talking behind someone’s back or “gossiping”, the nodes only propagate the data to other nodes in their vicinity. This process repeats until the transaction has been spread across the entire network. Graph theory suggests this method of information propagation is actually more efficient than sending it to the entire network at once.

📣 Blockchain propagation limitations

Even though the blockchain method of data propagation is efficient, there are some limitations. First, it will still take some time for that information to go through, especially if it’s a large network. Most blockchains deal with this issue by creating time limits regarding data propagation. For example, Bitcoin publishes a new block every 10 minutes. This solution creates another issue, when the data isn’t properly distributed across the entire network before the next block is meant to be added to the blockchain.


Data propagation in a decentralized blockchain is an important factor in understanding the basics of web3 functionality. Using network coordinates to study the latency between computers in a decentralized network contributes to the future optimization of data propagation and is a key factor in determining the systems viability compared to centralized networks.

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