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3 min readJun 8, 2022


Share your dash, get rewarded! Introducing the MassBit Dashboard campaign. Share your MassBit Route Dashboard on Twitter to earn MassBit Community tokens. MassBit is currently running Testnet Phase II for MassBit Route. Testnet is a crucial part of product development, as we slowly introduce new features and establish network stability. It can be an arduous process, full of technical challenges.

MassBit is focused on investing heavily in UI/UX, to make not only sound products, but products that are user-friendly. The MassBit Dashboard campaign is a fun way for Testnet members to share their MBR Dashboard and earn rewards, all while sharing with the community more about their role in the network, including how many nodes they are running as well as what zone they are participating in.

⏰Time: From June 7th to June 30th, 2022

📌How to join?

  1. Join the MassBit Route Testnet and Login
  2. Share the Dashboard screen via screenshot, video or blog
  3. Post your screenshot on Twitter and tag @massbitprotocol
  4. Join MassBit Discord server

*To receive the top 3 rewards, players must be a member of the MassBit community by joining our Discord server.


Everyone’s a winner in the MassBit Dashboard Campaign. Everyone will receive rewards, with a total pool of 100,000 MassBit Community tokens (🐳) being rewarded among all participants. The more creative entries can earn even more Wahlee tokens. The top 3 most dedicated and liked shared content posts will win additional prizes;

  • Top 1: 30,000🐳
  • Top 2: 15,000🐳
  • Top 3: 10,000🐳

How you spruce up your entry is up to you. Maybe a screen record of your dashboard with a voice-over discussing key details of your nodes, or a blog post discussing your dashboard and the MassBit Route project. How you stand out is up to you, and a chance to showcase your personality and contribution to the Testnet.

✅Terms and conditions

  1. Your content must include the Dashboard/Screen from MassBit Route Testnet Phase II
  2. Only Tweets including @massbitprotocol tag counted for reward
  3. The Rewards will be confirmed within 10 days after the internal check
  4. The top 3 rewards is based on the number of your tweet liked
  5. The top 3 rewards still benefit from the reward pool of 100,000 🐳 Tokens

*About 🐳Token:

At MassBit, we aim to empower not only developer teams around the world but also end-users who are looking forward to a seamless transition to Web 3.0. As such, MassBit looks forward to welcoming more people to its growing global community and sharing this journey to Web 3 together with everyone.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at the Massbit Discord Community:

About MassBit

MassBit provides fully decentralized solutions for Defi and Web3 App project development. Currently with 3 products in the stage of development, MassBit enables DeFi and Web3 App development to be faster, stable, scalable, and more cost-effective.

The powerful ‘glue’ holding together and supporting all the products is the MassBit Verification Protocol, which is based on Proof of Stake. The protocol incentivizes those working within the system to verify each other’s work. The verification of other nodes, gateways, or indexers gives rewards or penalties for the mistakes to each individual or entity. From that, the protocol ensures the whole network’s health.

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