MassBit Community Call Recap: Product Update + MassBit’s Future Plans

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3 min readNov 4, 2022


MassBit Community Call: Product Update + MassBit’s Future Plans


Today MassBit will be holding a ☎️ community call, with the focus of providing product updates as well as MassBit’s near and future plans going forward.

MassBit is currently in the Phase II of development. Besides the collaboration between many professional node providers such as Klever, Staking4all, Honeymoon, Nodeifi, and P-OPS, we have achieved two milestones from the Web3 Foundation Grant program and joined the Token 2049 event in Singapore with the aim to expand our network. All thanks to the support and trust we continually get from the community.

At the moment, MassBit is still in Testnet Phase II. After the major system upgrade, there are some small changes in the system. Currently our focus is on improving the UI/UX experience and we will talk more in detail about this during the community call. So Khoi, what are we gonna do to improve the UI/UX experience?


On the frontend, we are updating the product landing page. Additionally, we are working to improve the Testnet portal to provide additional information for network users including components and functionalities:

  • Adding in needed components, data and information to improve the user experience.
  • Shown monthly Testnet rewards.

Our main focus is being sure to add the features and information needed to improve the UX design components for Testnet participants. Additional UX updates include:

  • Explorer
  • Detailed Node/Gateway status
  • Rewards spreadsheet

Going forward, the network is about to have more Layer 2 projects, currently we are in the research stage and more details will be shared shortly.

Community Question:

1. Please tell us about your integration plans with game projects.

→ We haven’t published it yet, but we are working with some partners. So stay tuned for the latest update on Discord and Twitter. For integration, I’ll give you some hints, the next 2 chains we are working on are BSC and Polygon. Those are the 2 chains that we are focusing on at the moment

2. What is the main purpose of this phase of Testnet?

→ We aim to test the functionality of the system. After the Major Update to the system, we are encouraging the community to deploy more gateways in the system. The requirements and guide to join Testnet are already updated on our Gitbook.

Read here for more details:

3. Any information on how long this testnet will run, and when the project will go to mainnet?

→ We cannot release the exact date yet, it depends on the market.

4. When will brief intros to MassBit products — MassBit Prime, MassBit Insight and Multi-chain Indexing be available?

→ As these are still in the early conceptualization/development phase, only general info is available at this time. MassBit Route is the Core Infrastructure and the foundation for all the other products. MassBit Prime is about 50% ready.

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*For more information regarding the details of the grant, including the full Grant Proposal, please visit:

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If you have any questions or would like to stay updated on our progress, please join our discord and or sign up to our newsletter

If you have any questions or would like to stay updated on our progress, please join our discord and or sign up to our newsletter



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